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Woodworkers Mallet 15

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*All orders will be shipped by 7/23 due to my surgery that I have on 7/14. I appreciate your patience*

This listing is for a handmade woodworkers mallet or often called a joiners mallet that I crafted in my basement wood shop. These start out as rough cut lumber and end up being a one of a kind mallet! With all of the different natural colors and grain of the wood, no two mallets are alike. It is about 11.5" tall and 5” wide.

Outer/Inner pieces: purpleheart
Handle: purpleheart

This is a fully functioning mallet that can be used in your wood shop or even put on display. It is sanded up to 220 grit and then a coat of Odie's Oil is applied and buffed off leaving a smooth protective surface.

I aim for perfection when I make these mallets. But due to the nature of working with exotic hardwoods, there could, but not always be very tiny imperfections. It will in no way impede the functionality of the mallet.

NOTE: It is recommended to only use this for woodworking applications. It is not recommended to use it to hit metal or any other sharp objects that could dent or crack the wood.

NOTE: Some of the Odie’s Oil might have come to the surface while in transit. But don’t worry! Just take a sniff of the awesome citrus smell then wipe with a paper towel. It’s 100% safe! So no gloves are needed.